Why do Corporate Yoga ?

Corporate Yoga is a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and experience the togetherness of exercising as a group.

Corporate Yoga is practiced by executives and their staff to cope up with the stress and pressure to meet the demands and expectations of the organization.

Indumathy’s Yoga Session Advantage:

She believes that stress-free employees are able to function with clarity of mind and sharp focus in carrying out their daily tasks, allowing them to achieve their targets easily; hence their performance will be greatly enhanced. The numerous benefits of yoga include a mind free of tension and stress, and a body free from disease. It also impacts positively on one’s interactions with other people.

What is offered

Module 1: Corporate Wellness and Health

Module 2: Yoga for Computer Users

Module 3: Stress Management

Module 4: Anger Management

Module 5: Power of Positive Health