Yoga for Fitness in Abu Dhabi

If fitness is your goal ,try the Advanced level yoga sessions which are designed to make you fit and supple. Yoga for fitness includes meditation classes as well.

Yoga classes at the Advanced level are designed for more experienced learners with a good understanding of basic and intermediate yoga postures, who are comfortable performing postures and are able to steadily, comfortably and confidently hold themselves in these postures for a longer period of time than in the intermediate sessions. This will benefit in developing willpower, confidence, balance, strengthening the immune system and metabolism. Participants must have regular practice and be ready to move deeper within themselves to discover the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga.  Yoga Nidra, Cyclic meditation and PET techniques are introduced with this advanced yoga practice.  Advanced pranayama like bandhas, agnisar and cleansing techniques like Jalaneti, Shankhaprakshalana are incorporated in these sessions since they are advantageous to the learners.

 Those attending the advanced level sessions will be given enough preparatory movements for some time to prepare the body to attain the postures. The variations of postures will be shown explained and demonstrated. In this manner when we practice asanas with a higher goal we try to understand the philosophy behind forward bending asanas, backward bending asanas, twisting asanas and balancing asanas.

At the completion stage of this Advanced level yoga course you will become humble, more open to unconditional love and will be able to tackle the complexities of life in a reasoned and calm manner. Physical and emotional poise is the goal of this course and each session works towards this goal.

Advanced yoga practice involves:

1.Breathing with awareness: Paying attention to the subtleties in our bodies, thoughts, and breath.

2.Understanding the goal or intention: What are your personal goals in your practice and what are the intentions behind the practice? What are your limits?

3.Total trust and surrender: Trusting and recognizing that what is happening is promoting our happiness or growth and either way it is for our higher good.