Steady, comfortable and relaxed pose is defined as Yoga.

Yoga in UAE welcome you all Join us for the best experience of yoga sessions/classes in Abu Dhabi even if you are a beginner! We are the best yoga session providers for therapeutic yoga.

 Yoga classes in Abu Dhabi for beginners is for preparing the body and the mind for a set of yoga practices. The basic concept of yoga is explained with clarity to the learners to facilitate understanding of the co-relation between yoga postures and breath. Learners are first taught the right way of breathing and then introduced to pranayama techniques. The salient features of mudras are then taught. In the next stage some basic preparatory movements are repeated to improve flexibility, avoid pain and discomfort before embarking on the Surya-Namaskar session which rejuvenates the body. The benefits, contraindications and the philosophy are explained side by side and each session ends with heartfulness relaxation. Beginners are recommended 24 sessions to gain mastery over the postures. Individual attention is given to each learner and their posture corrected.

Best way for Yoga classes for weight reduction can be started by joining the beginners class which will help in gaining flexibility and direct their concentration on specific parts of the body in which the posture is working.

Yoga lessons for beginners starts with performing asanas once or twice without holding so that the movement of the body and breath are synchronized clearly establishing the inhale, exhale movements to relax, calm and clear the mind.

Beginners who want to start yoga for fitness benefit by strengthening the nervous system, stimulate the glands, increase the capacity of the lungs and be free from physical and mental stress.