Holistic yoga classes on Intermediate level will help you get the perfection! If you have specific goals such as weigh reduction, fitness and well-being,

The intermediate yoga sessions take the beginner who has a good understanding of pranayama as well as the basic posture to the next level which will require greater strength, flexibility, and balance. The learners imbibe the relationship between breath and movement. The learners will be explained and demonstrated the intermediate pranayama, benefits and contraindications will be pointed out. “Inversion-postures, back- bends and twisting are introduced and training is imparted to hold these postures for an approximately varying period of time so that the deeper level of tissues and cells are vitalized.

Yoga for intermediate level will be taken where it gives an insight of how the position is taken with counts and how much time to be held, the duration is specified and how to release the position in the same way it is taken. During the practice of asanas learners are encouraged to breathe through the nostrils not through the mouth. The reason behind this is explained in detail during the yoga classes.

The right method of doing asanas brings lightness and good feeling in the body and mind. Constant motivation is given by the yoga teacher to change the outlook of the practiser. It helps to disciple in food, cleanliness and character

Yoga for pregnancy (pre-natal) can be started after the 4th month and each month different asana and pranayama will be given, guided and progress is monitored.

Methodical, progressive practice of yoga from the beginners to the intermediate level builds a mutual understanding between the learner and the teacher to make the practice more beneficial.