Kids Yoga


Yoga for kids can be started after the age of eight. Yoga sessions for kids is designed differently from sessions for adults. The postures are more dynamic than static. A few static postures are introduced so that kids will learn the importance to be quiet.  Listening skills develop gradually. Yoga for kids is conducted in a circle to develop a feeling of group participation. Awareness of the body is developed through yoga postures.

The practice of suryanamaskar, nadi shodhana pranayama and other yoga postures will develop a high level of resistance to diseases because yoga strengthens the immune system. Learning balancing postures will develop not only their physiological balance but their psychological balance as well. Disciple will become a way of life if children practice yoga regularly.

Kids Yoga sessions include:

  • Yoga postures
  • Pranayama
  • Relaxation
  • Interactive yoga games